Make A Pack of Cigarettes for $3.50

That’s right, get a pack of tubes and enough tobacco to fill them for $3.50! Tax is included in the price. Choose from our Virginia, Full Flavor American and Oriental blends of strip tobacco to stuff those tubes or combine any of those blends to make your own custom blend.


New Inventory, Coming Soon!

Here at The Black Lung we are anxiously awaiting the delivery of some great new products. Our selection of rolling papers is being expanded to include Zen and DLX. These papers, along with our Elements and RAW, are “tree free” and use natural gum derived from sugar or acacia.  Zen slim and RAW unbleached filters will be joining our stock. But enough with the little things. Any fans of organic? We’ll soon have Kentucky Select Organic Pipe Tobacco and 6 types of organic rolling herbs. And how about an electric cigarette maker for your home? $450 price tag on the Fresh Choice machine is a little overwhelming but the $86 Zen cigarette maker, well that might just work. We’ll be trying out one of these machines and if we’re satisfied with its performance we’ll put them on the counters and stock the shelves.

These are just a few of the items we are bringing in within the next week (5/19/10). We’re also looking into flavored pipe tobaccos and increasing the selection of roll-your-owns sometime this month.