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Just An Update

So we never got that organic pipe tobacco. Apparently they ran out so they sent us some of the non-organic Kentucky Select Gold. I was skeptical, and being the quality oriented tobacconist I am I felt the need to taste test this new tobacco before attempting to sell it to my customers. I took one of the over sized black bags (it’s 6oz but the bag is big enough for a pound) opened it up and took a wiff. Smells like additives. Not in a bad chemically way but in a very heavy flavor casing way. So now I’m even more skeptical of this aromatic additive containing Kentucky Select. But I smoked it anyway and I’m glad I did. Kentucky Select Gold tastes great. The strong smell of the flavor casing didn’t affect the flavor as much as I had expected. The smoke was smooth with a hint of tangy sweetness. Very satisfying. Obviously this brand isn’t for our additive-free crowd but for everyone else, this $10 bag is worth a try.

We’ll be getting some Kentucky Select Red in a week or two and, cross your fingers, some of the Organic.

Moving on. We have some new pouches of rolling tobacco from a company you probably heard of before. ZigZag rolling tobacco comes in a 0.75oz pouch along with their world famous rolling papers. We’re selling these pouches for $4.67 which makes them a better value than Bugler or Top (ZigZag has more tobacco and costs slightly less) and the tobacco quality is quite acceptable. The flavor is fairly mild and tastes best if rolled immediately before use. I made the mistake of pre-rolling a couple days worth and they dried out and lost some flavor. It has a shag cut and I’m guessing that could be the reason for the rapid moisture loss when pre-rolled.

So there you have it. Just an update.