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Pipe Tobacco

Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco

We carry Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Amsterdam and Burley blends of this fine, extremely popular pipe tobacco.

The prices for all our Stokkebye Blends are $4.50 an Ounce

PIIYPASI Pipe Tobacco

PIIYPASI is short for Put It In Your Pipe And Smoke It. This additive free pipe tobacco is finely cut and somewhat dry making it very similar to cigarette tobacco. These two attributes have made it very popular among our RYO/MYO customers. It comes in a full flavored Robust Blend, a gentler Gold and Menthol.

The prices for all our PIIYPASI Blends are $3 an Ounce/$13 for 6 Ounces/$30 for 1 Pound.

Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco

Grown by a southern farming co-op, Kentucky Select pipe tobacco is affordable and full of flavor. Our current offering of Kentucky Select includes their Red, Gold, Silver and Organic Gold. That’s right, organic pipe tobacco. Unlike other organics, this stuff isn’t “additive free”. But that’s ok. The additives used in KS Organic Gold are organic too! Agave, Prune and Vanilla are used to flavor and preserve this great tasting tobacco.

The prices for Kentucky Select 6oz bag is $13 and $20 for 6oz of Organic.

Kentucky Select Red, Gold and Silver are both available by the ounce for $3.

Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco

Very similar to Kentucky Select, Golden Harvest is flavorful and affordable at just $3 an Ounce. Golden Harvest comes in a resealable pouch to keep your Robust, Mild or Mint tobacco fresh.

Prepackaged Cigarettes

Natural American Spirit

Natural American Spirit Cigarettes hardly need a description. Well known and loved for being additive free, Natural American Spirit is the preferred cigarette for those who appreciate quality. We offer a full selection of American Spirit packs with the Organics priced at $6.75 and everything else for $5.98.

RYO Supplies and Pipes

We carry a small selection of name brand and specialty rolling papers including RAW organic hemp papers and Elements 300 leaf booklets. We have hand rollers, hand and table top injectors/shooters, tips, filters, and tubes. We have a small selection of affordable tobacco pipes. We also have tobacco pouches, cigarette cases/tins, and herb grinders.

All your tobacco purchases grant you access to our Fresh Choice Electric Rolling Machines. Save time and money by rolling your own at The Black Lung Tobacco Shop.

Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Maker

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